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Dog training in virginia beach va

Dog Training and Obedience class in Chesapeake, VA 

I offer dog training program in which we concentrate on developing lasting training tools you will be able to use for the rest of your dogs life. 

Turn your dog training sessions into enjoyable experience for both your dog and you

Dog obedience Program in Chesapeake, VA 

 Chris Isacc  (256) 683-7476

dog training in Chesapeake, VA

Dog Obedience School

There is no reason to wait until your dog's behavior becomes unmanageable. Dog training is all about developing skills as the owner that are then used by you to teach your dog behaviors you desire and eliminate the undesirable once. Your dog will learn skills that will last him a lifetime without force and scare tactics. My training method involves a lot of leash work and behavior modification without the use of shock devices or prong collars.

Best part is that we come to you!


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