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Dog training in virginia beach va

Obedient K9 Club
Virginia Beach, VA

Become a Part of Our Family

  • Every week 

  • Meet other dog families and socialize 

  • Access to additional training for free  

  • Work on obedience with distractions 

  • Fun outing for you and your pup

Who would benefit from becoming a member?



Once you go through our program, you become a part of our club, AKA the Obedient K9 Family!


We love seeing the progress that you and your furry family member(s) have.  This allows us to stay involved with training AND it allows you to come out and socialize with other like minded pet parents! Need help with training your dog with distractions around? This is the perfect place for that. 

Programs are offered once or twice a week for 6 weeks up to

3 months. You and your dog will be visited by our trusty trainers during the chosen training schedule.

Each session is tailored to your dogs individual needs.

Whats included?

  • Clicker Introduction 

  • Anxiety, shyness, and aggression

  • Stay, come, sit, down 

  • Biting, stealing stuff, release, bolting 

  • heal on lose leash, leash aggression 

  • Recall - come when called 

Dog training in virginia beach va
  • Behavioral issues

  • Kennel Manners 

Dog training in virginia beach va

You can trust us

We use  humane methods of behavior modification. Our main training tools are not Shock Collars! 

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