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Dog training in virginia beach va

Obedient K9

Dog Training in Virginia Beach, VA

 (757) 280-2090

Are you searching for a reliable, calm and enthusiastic dog trainer who will listen to your needs?

Dog Training Services


Private lesson: You will gain the tools needed to further your learning and training. You will learn about dog's behavior, how they understand and process information, and about dogs body language and communication. 


Your dog will learn how to become a part of your household. They will work on manners and unwanted behaviors, all while socializing and having fun. Your dog will learn basic obedience and start on more advance work. This is a great option for someone who wants the basic skills to be set in place by a trainer. 


Did you get a new puppy and realize you may need some help with training?

If so, this is a good place to start your training journey and learn how to be the handler and trainer of your own dog.  

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