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Dog training in virginia beach va

Dog Obedience Day Train Program 

No Pushing or Bribing! 

  • Let your pup come spend the day with us and learn how to willingly cooperate


  • Education includes household and outside manners

  • Work on socialization, obedience, and specific behavioral issues.


  • On-leash control with distractions

Dog training Huntsville ALABAMA 

        Who benefits from the Day Train Program ?

The Day Train Program allows us to customize a plan that works with your already busy schedule.

With Day Trains you able to drop your dog off once a week for the day, while also benefitting from a "go home lesson" to teach you exactly what your pup is learning at that time.  Day Trains are once a week for four weeks!  

You will learn about dog behaviors, how they understand and process information, about dog's body language and communication. When working together our goal is to teach you how to more efficiently interact with your dog. 


Do you have a dog who needs some extra attention when it comes to training?

Is your dog pulling on the leash, barking or jumping on people?  

Are you preparing for a new baby

Maybe your dog just needs a refresher?

Get relief from unwanted behavior

or just teach your dog some new tricks. 

We set short and long term goals for you as a team. Each lesson is broken down into reviewing previous weeks progress and sharpening skills, followed by learning a new skill and taking home some homework. 

Each session is tailored to your dogs individual needs.

Whats included?

  • All Equipment to get you started

  • Clicker Introduction 

  • Anxiety, shyness, and aggression

  • Leash work - loose leash walking 

  • Biting, chewing and digging

  • Responding to cues like sit, down, and stay

  • Recall - come when called 

  • Behavioral issues

Dog training in virginia beach va
  • Jumping - excitement 

  • Teaching YOU to be the teacher

Dog training in virginia beach va

You can trust us

We use humane methods of behavior modification.

Our main training tools are not Shock Collars! 

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