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Dog training in virginia beach va

Refresher Course Virginia Beach, VA

Wanting more training after the 4 week Day Train? 

During our Refresher Course we work on refining and polishing the understanding of the behaviors and commands, what we call "proofing". Same schedule as the Day Train Program, different distractions...but same expectations. From "field trips" to navigating agility equipment, your dog gets to see a variety of "pictures" in order to truly understand what we are communicating to them. After all, dog's speak dog!

4 Week Refresher Course 

A refresher course for dog training is a program designed to help dog owners reinforce and refresh their dog's training. The program is typically tailored to meet the specific needs of each dog and can cover a range of training topics, including obedience, agility, behavior modification, and socialization. Here at Obedient K9 we know the importance of your relationship with your dog. 

In addition to reviewing and refreshing the dog's training, the refresher course can be an opportunity for the owner and dog to strengthen their bond and communication skills. The trainer may provide tips and guidance on how to reinforce positive behaviors and build a stronger relationship with the dog.

Why do a Refresher?

  • Having Issues Staying Consistent

  • Has Your Dog Regressed Over Time

  • Need Some Fine Tuning

  • Biting, chewing and digging

  • Responding to cues like sit, down, and stay

  • Recall - come when called 

  • Kennel Training 

  • Jumping 

  • Socialization 

Overall, a refresher course for dog training is a valuable investment for any dog owner who wants to maintain their dog's training and ensure that they are well-behaved and obedient in all situations.

Dog training in virginia beach va
Dog training in virginia beach va

What we teach your puppy will establish a foundation that will carry throughout the dog's entire life. 

Have you ever notice that many people start to speak louder and louder when the puppy doesn't understand them, expecting the dog to somehow know what they want just by raising their voice? 


Isn't it funny how we expect to bring a puppy home and for them to speak our language and know what we want from them? Let's debunk this idea and learn how to properly communicate with your new puppy. 

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